ATLANT anker system
Ground anchors are widely used in underground construction for fixing pits, stabilizing slopes, driving mines and tunnels.
Since 2022, the branch of ATLANT anker system in Almaty has started its work.
Work performance depends on the type of ground anchors. In this regard, leading construction companies are increasingly using Atlant anchors with screw traction. The thread rolled over the entire surface makes easy the attachment point, that significantly speeds up the process of mounting the anchor to the structure to be reinforced. Due to the use of high-quality thick-walled pipe, Atlant rods provide high bearing capacity even with a small outer diameter.

Atlant self-drilling anchor can be used as permanent and temporary ground anchors, bored piles, and dowels.
ATLANT anchors are always in stock!
The high quality of Atlant screw anchors is confirmed by a certificate of conformity issued by FCS-Stroycertification. Numerous tests in independent laboratories and open areas have proved the full compliance of Atlant screw column parameters with the declared technical characteristics.
ТОО "ATLANT anker system" specialists carry out the design and calculation of underground structures for various purposes. Understanding the design of the anchor, the technology of its installation and experience in various soils allow to choose the optimal solution for a special geotechnical problem.
It is also possible to renegotiate existing projects for Atlant screw anchors.
Ground anchors have been produced at a new high-tech factory in the Perm region since 2011. On the territory of the factory there are: rolling workshop, turning work shop with CNC machines, welding section, heat treatment section, powder metallurgy section, foundry workshop.

All products are made according to self-made drawings. Each batch of anchors is accepted by the technical control department.
Malinin group
ТОО "ATLANT anker system" is a member of Malinin group.

Malinin group is a union of companies that are engaged in geotechnical works, production of special construction equipment, anchors, as well as development of geotechnical software.

The companies were founded by Aleksei Malinin. So the experience and knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation and quality assurance is at the core of the company’s thinking and acting.

Ground anchors Atlant
We produce Atlant screw anchors with a rod diameter from 30 to 95 mm and a bearing capacity from 260 to 2670 kN.
Bundles of reinforced ropes K7 are used as a traction for strand anchors. The quality of anchors is the company's top priority. Modernization and improvement of production process allow to remain a leader in the field of injection technologies.
Underground construction
onstruction company IPS has been performing geotechnical work using jet grouting technology since 2002, such as: strengthening soils, strengthening foundations, fencing pits, installing ground anchors, grout curtain, etc.
InzhProektStroy specialists were the first to apply this technology in Russia and at the moment they are high professionals, and the company is the market leader.
Special Construction Equipment
CCT has been manufacturing drilling equipment and tools for underground construction since 2004.
Today, CCT manufactures a complete set of equipment for injection work and jet grouting technology - drill rigs, mixing stations, pumps, cement silos, drilling tool.
Geotechnical calculations
MALININSOFT is a company involved in the developing software for geotechnical calculations: GeoWall program for calculation of excavation walls, GeoStab for calculation of slope stability, GeoPlate for calculation of pile and foundation settlement, GeoAnchor for calculation of ground anchors. Alterra program for calculation using the finite element method.
We will be glad to see you at our factory in Almaty city for a technical tour. Our specialists will demonstrate the production process of Atlant anker system rods and their components, introduce the materials and technologies used in production, answer questions about installation and design of anchors and piles.