The required set of equipment for the installation of Atlant screw anchors includes a drill rig, an injection pump, and a mixing station.

Tension during testing of installed anchors is carried out using a hydraulic jack.
Figaro 3000 and Figaro 1000 are mid-range diesel powered crawler rigs. These rigs provide high drilling performance. The rigs are operated using a portable remote control.
Drill rigs Figaro 3000, Figaro 1000
Figaro PAUK is a special 3-wheel drill rig which has been designed for use on steep slopes and embankments.

Lightweight and maneuverable Figaro PAUK drill rig is equipped with hydraulic winches, which allow to place it on any terrain. Fast setup and positioning of the Figaro PAUK portable drill rig improves drilling efficiency and overall productivity.

The rig is equipped with a rotator or hydraulic hammer.
Figaro PAUK for slopes
The design feature of Figaro drill rigs is a separate hydraulic unit (diesel or electric drive), which makes them multifunctional enough for construction work in various areas of underground construction.

The height of the drill rig with a standard mast is 2000 mm, which is especially important for working in space-limited environment.

Figaro 400 is equipped with a caterpillar chassis; Figaro 300 is mounted on a frame.
Portable Figaro 400, Figaro 300
Figaro Lafette is equipped with a hydraulic hammer and is designed to work with hydraulic excavators weighing more than 18 tons.

Figaro Lafette is reliable and durable machine, easy to operate and ergonomic.
Figaro Lafette
AtlantJET unit is designed for installation of ground anchors and piles using AtlantJET technology. It consists of a mixing station Vikhr 20 and a high-pressure pump ССT 300 placed in a standard container.

• Maximum pressure 32 MPa
• Maximum flow 550 l/min.
• Productivity 20 m3/h

Preparation of cement mortar is carried out automatically. Mixing and pumping are controlled from a common control panel.

AtlantJET complex is suitable for operation with a cement silo in a horizontal or vertical design.
AtlantJET injection unit
MINI unit is designed for installation of Atlant anchors and piles, strand anchors and other injection works. It consists of a mixing station and an injection pump placed compactly on the same frame. The unit is designed for preparation and further injection of cement and cement-bentonite grouts.

Maximum pressure 6 - 10 MPa
Working pressure 2.4 -6.0 MPa
Maximum flow 40 – 60 l/min.
Mixing capacity 5 – 8 m3/h

The hydraulic scheme of the GP pumps allows to control the grout flow rate, as well as the discharge pressure. The maximum pressure is reached when operating in high pressure mode. Low pressure mode allows to develop maximum flow.

MINI unit can be equipped with a weighing terminal, when the loading of the grout components into the mixer tank will be carried out automatically in accordance with the specified weight ratio.
MINI injection unit
Tensioning and testing of Atlant ground anchors is carried out by means of hollow hydraulic cylinders with hydraulic return Jack.

There are 3 types of jacks in the line: Jack 100/150 (load up to 1000 kN), Jack 200/100 (load up to 2000 kN) and Jack 250/100 (load up to 2500 kN).

The hydraulic cylinder is designed to work together with a hydraulic unit.
Hollow Jack hydraulic cylinders
Atlant 1000 special sensor is used to control the load in the installed ground anchors. It consists of two annular stainless steel plates welded all around.

The space between the plates is filled under vacuum with deaerated oil. The load is measured using a pressure gauge connected to the sensor body. Sensors are to be used in accordance with the calculated load
Anchor load sensor Atlant 1000
Jack 2E provide high pressure hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic cylinder for anchor tensioning and testing.

The maximum pressure is 60 MPa, the maximum flow rate is 1.3 l/min.

The hydraulic unit is driven by an electric motor of 2.2 kW.
Hydraulic unit Jack 2E